Transforming how we navigate spaces.


The digital wayfinding solution that innovates how people navigate complex spaces, eliminating frustration and creating delightful visitor experiences


Easily locate places and get map directions with animate path


Quickly explore the environment and learn new places.


Keep updated of events and promotions.


Sync directions to mobile device.

How It Works

Gather Assets

Collate maps, media files and documents needed

Map It

Locate and label places and create pathway

Build & Test

Develop, test and apply fixes on the software


Deploy, install and have the solution up and running

Maintain & Optimise

Keep it running smoothly and apply fixes or updates

Compass Features

Store Listing

  • Advanced Search
  • Directory
  • Store Events
  • Store Promotions

Store Information

  • Display Photo
  • Promo Ticker
  • Store Hours
  • QR Code
  • Coupon Generator

Quick Links

  • In-Centre Facilities
  • Language Options

News & Events

  • Paid Advertisements
  • Promotions
  • Announcements

3D/2D Map

  • Pinch/Zoom Features
  • Route Animation
  • Switch Floors

Web Administration System

Compass features an end-to-end technical and creative management of the solution.

Store Management

Add, edit, delete store instance and store information.

Floorplan Management

Assign stores, kiosks and amenities, and create paths.


Endorse stores, products, events or promotions on screen.

User Management

Administer and manage roles and controls of users.


Get data, insights and reports about the solution’s usage.

Theme Customisation

Customise to apply your brand’s look into the wayfinder.

Multi-Language Integration

Cater to a diverse audience by integrating multiple languages.

Compass Packages

The new direction in wayfinding comes in packages to suit varying needs.


  • Floorplan Direction
  • Store Listing
  • Amenities
  • Analytics


  • Floorplan Direction
  • Store Listing
  • Amenities
  • Analytics
  • Promos
  • Events


  • Floorplan Direction
  • Store Listing
  • Amenities
  • Analytics
  • Promos
  • Events
  • Multi-Language
  • Advertisement
  • Featured Stores

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